One-Piece Swimsuits Are More Popular Than Bikinis

Rachel Torgerson
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From Cosmopolitan

Bikinis have ruled the beach for as long as most people can remember but according to new research, you may be seeing less of them this summer. That's because one-piece swimsuits are hella hot right now.

According to retail analytics firm EDITED, 20 percent more one-pieces are available online now than this time last year and two-piece options online have fallen 9 percent. Additionally, one-piece designs are being bought three times faster than they were in 2016.

What's more, athletic brands like Dolfin, Speedo, TYR, Nike, and Arena are the most in-demand swimsuits this year, illustrating that women want performance swimwear more than just getting-your-tan-on options. "It's not surprising [that one-pieces are trending] due to current trends and our quest for comfort," head analyst at EDITED, Emily Bezzant, said, drawing parallels between the uptick in athletic swimwear and the athleisure trend as a whole.

Two-pieces aren't going anywhere though. People are still buying them and wearing them; they're just taking a backseat this season. Anyone else have a sudden urge to take the rest of the day off and hit the beach?


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