The One Nail Art Trend Everyone in London is Wearing Right Now

I was in London recently to cover the coronation of King Charles III for work. Though my focus was mostly royal-related, my eyes couldn’t help but wander to the nail stylings of the many fashionable women I encountered throughout my trip. One particular choice that stood out? The neon French mani.

Of course, a traditional French manicure has always been a classic. Elegant and great for everyday wear, it features a transparent base and opaque white tips for a crisp contrast. (It was also a super popular look in the early 2000s.)

How are Londoners wearing it now? They’ve replaced the white with a pop of neon—and it’s the subtle update we didn’t know we needed. I observed everyone from a friend we met for afternoon tea at Claridge’s to the front desk staff at my hotel sporting this nail art trend. It’s a brighter take on the classic, but still incredibly refined.

As for deciding which neon hue to choose? Ask your manicurist to recommend one that most complements your skin tone—or just choose one that makes you happy. Honestly, you can't go wrong because the neon is just a small accent on your nails. I saw neon pink, purple, blue and even yellow tips and they all looked equally fetching.

Ready to try a neon French mani like our friends across the pond? Race you to the nail salon.

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