On dresses for a beach wedding and the perfect pair of earrings

Pierra Calasanz-Labrador is a freelance editor, writer, stylist, and columnist (her shopping column “Fifi’s Finds” appears in the Fashion section of Manila Bulletin every Friday). She also contributes fashion, travel and lifestyle finds on www.thehappylab.com.ph.

This week, she answers readers’ questions on what kind of dress to wear to a beach wedding, and the right type of earrings to match your face shape.

Marjorie writes: “I’m going to a beach wedding. What kind of dress—and in what material— should I wear?

Pierra says: Hi Marjorie! First things first: What is the dress code on the invite? It will usually give you an idea of what is expected—cocktail, tropical chic, long gown, etc. If there is no dress code indicated, it may be a bit tricky indeed trying to guess what is appropriate without being over- or under-dressed.

Not to worry—with beach weddings, you can’t go wrong with a dress that is easy breezy, flowy, and chic. Look for sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses in the trendy “mullet” length (short in front and long at the back). But anything from knee-length, calf-length and ankle-length (so it doesn’t drag along the sand) will work, too.

Dreamy pastel colors are great for the beach, as well as bright shades like coral and emerald. Stay away from muddy browns, dull grays, or black, which may look severe or drab at what is obviously a light-hearted and fun destination wedding. Solid colors are your best bet and easiest to accessorize, but if you’d like to wear prints, make sure that they look sophisticated enough for a wedding (florals and tropical prints are your best bet).

Since you won’t want anything too overly formal or hot, pick a dress in lightweight, breezily elegant fabric like cotton silk, jersey, crepe, or something with a silky sheen to it. A fitted dress with a sheer overlay that swishes around your legs will be wonderful to dance in! You can find lots of fashionable, affordable choices at The SM Store.

Don’t forget to accessorize—clutches in natural  fabrics, wood necklaces and beach bling, and pretty open-toe flat sandals will complete your look.

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Chichi L. writes: “What kind of earrings go with my face—I have an oval-shaped face. Do I use hoops or use dangling earrings to elongate my face?”

Pierra says: Hello Chichi! Oval is a lovely shape—since it is already long and narrow, any earring style will suit you well. Large gold or silver hoops will certainly help elongate your face, and they’re simple yet chic enough to wear every day, either with your hair worn down or pulled back in a sleek pony.

Dangling earrings can be pretty, too; small pearl drop earrings can look wonderfully delicate and demure, while long chandelier earrings have a sophisticated, sexy appeal.

What’s hot now: long, feather dangling earrings complement an oval face, give off that easy breezy concert festival vibe, and are perfect for the summer.

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