Old Snobs remembered as iconic Birmingham nightclub moves

Think Snobs and you are probably reminded of long, sweaty nights on sticky dancefloors as indie rock music blares out around you.

Whether you were one of the 2.5 million who passed through the doors of its old home on Paradise Circus in Birmingham, or somebody who came of age during that famous Smallbrook Queensway rebirth, you are likely to have precious memories.

But few can match the experience of Jack Spicer Adams, a photographer who was allowed rare access to take pictures inside Snobs' first home, just before the iconic nightclub moved in 2014.

Those famous shots you see on the wall of its current home? They were taken by him.

And as Snobs bosses announced the institution was to move for a third time in 2024, Mr Spicer Adams told BBC Radio WM just what Birmingham's oldest running nightclub meant to the city.

"It's a piece of Birmingham history," the 35-year-old said.

"Everyone I know has been to Snobs. I think even my mum and dad used to go to Snobs."

The assignment came after Mr Spicer Adams, originally from Erdington, heard the club was changing bases 10 years ago.

The freelance food and drink photographer wanted to document the historic move and got in touch with management.

"It was so weird, I went in on a Tuesday afternoon," he added.

"It was just the cleaners down there mopping the floors.

"Getting to document it before it moved was a really cool thing to do. In the current Snobs they've got my photos on the wall of the old Snobs."

Mr Spicer Adams said he hoped future generations would get to enjoy the 50-year-old institution for years to come.

"It has to exist," he said. "There has to be Snobs in Birmingham. It doesn't matter where it is."

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