O.J. Simpson sues The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel for defamation

O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson has fired back at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel's 2017 claim that officials banned him for being drunk and disruptive.

The incident in occurred just weeks after the former sportsman was released from prison after spending nine years behind bars for an armed robbery conviction, when he allegedly got into an altercation at the hotel's Clique Bar & Lounge after flying into a drunken rage two years ago.

Sources told TMZ glasses were broken during the melee, and the former National Football League (NFL) player was eventually told to leave, given a trespass notice and advised to never come back.

However, in the belated lawsuit, Simpson is adamant he was not drunk, and insists the reported incident never happened. Instead, he claims earlier in the evening a manager at the steakhouse in the hotel actually thanked him for being a gracious guest.

He alleges when he was leaving for the night, someone from the hotel handed him a trespass notice and repeatedly said it was private property and he was not welcome back, insisting he was shocked by the move and was never involved in an incident that night that could warrant a permanent ban.

The star adds his parole officer saw our story and visited him at his residence the next day and gave him a drug and alcohol test - both of which came back clean. He also claims the officer visited the establishment and told him there was no evidence he did anything that would violate his parole.

He concludes the papers by referring to himself as a "model parolee with perfect performance".

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