NYCC: Action Figure Reveals New 'Rogue One' Character: Admiral Raddus

Turns out Ackbar wasn’t the only Mon Calamari admiral to suit up in the Galactic Civil War. No, we just got our first good look at his fellow high-ranking fish-eyed friend: Admiral Raddus. Raddus, who will make his debut in the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was briefly glimpsed in the behind-the-scenes “Celebration Reel” released in August.

Raddus and ‘Rogue One’ director Gareth Edwards in the ‘Celebration Reel’ (Photo: Lucasfilm)

But today, during a presentation by toy maker Hasbro at New York Comic Con, the Raddus action figure was unveiled. Here he is.

3.75-inch action figure of Admiral Raddus (Photo: Hasbro)

We don’t know too much about Raddus, other than his blue hue indicates he’s a “Mon Cal from the colder polar extremes,” per And he (or at least his toy self) has a formidable-looking blaster.

The 3.75-inch Raddus was one of several new Rogue One figures displayed by Hasbro; the panel also revealed that Jyn Erso is disguised in Imperial flight gear (as seen in the first teaser) to infiltrate a base, presumably to swipe the Death Star plans and that Darth Vader, available in both standard 3.75-inch scale and as a deluxe 6-inch “Black Series” form, is modeled on his Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope look (dig those diabolical red peepers).

3.75-inch Jyn Erso in disguise (Photo: Hasbro)
3.75-inch Darth Vader (Photo: Hasbro)
3.75-inch Chirrut Îmwe (Photo: Hasbro)
3.75-inch Bodhi Rook (Photo: Hasbro)
6-inch Black Series Chirrut Îmwe (Photo: Hasbro)
6-inch Black Series Baze Malbus (Photo: Hasbro)
6-inch Black Series Darth Vader (Photo: Hasbro)
6-inch Black Series figure of Imperial Director Orson Krennic (Photo: Hasbro)
6-inch Black Series Scarif Stormtrooper Squad Leader (Photo:Hasbro)

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