Nutella is hiring taste testers, so you'd better dust off your CV

Alice Sholl
How many litres of the stuff could you inhale in a day? [Photo: Pexels]

We thought that the job market had peaked when PepsiCo was hiring for a professional crisp eater.

And let’s not get started on that recent KFC vacancy.

But those roles seem a little underwhelming when compared to Nutella’s latest role.

The Ferrero company, which makes Nutella, is seeking taste testers to taste ingredients that go into our favourite hazelnut spread.

That includes different types of cocoa and hazelnuts and, presumably, loads of Nutella.

The role isn’t a new one but, according to The Local, the job was only ever advertised internally until now.

The only catch is that the role is in Italy – but you can’t put a price on deliciousness, right?

Importantly Ferrero is looking for “non-professionals”, so no previous experience is required.

In fact, they’re looking for regular consumers, so you’ll definitely fit the job spec.

They’re also looking to hire a total of 60 tasters – sorry, we mean “sensory judges” – so your chances of getting an interview sound pretty decent.

The 60 lucky ones will start work on September 30th and begin the job with a three-month course which will ensure you become a master of taste and smell.

You’ll also become fluent in Nutella language, aka learn the right terminology to describe the many tastes and sensations you’re about to experience.

The contract is part time, so you’d be working just two days a week.

Two out of seven days a week drowning in Nutella? Count us in.

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