Nurul frustrated by rude netizen

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22 Sep - Singer Nourul, real name Noorul Huda Abdul Wahab, recently took to social media to spread awareness about cyberbullying by exposing one of the few netizens who have been unkind to her on social media.

On 20 September, the actress posted a screenshot of a message she received in her Instagram from an unknown person, who decided that Nourul should know how glad he or she is that the singer has left for Bali.

"Malaysians' prayers are finally being granted with you leaving. I hope you won't come back to Malaysia. Otherwise the news will be filled with your story."

"What do you think?" the singer asked in her post. "If you're in our place, what would you feel?"

Nourul said that it is much a shame for those who decided to be rude on social media as it is for those who are victimised by these bitter individuals.

"I'm sorry. I just had to put it here. I was thinking that if we're experiencing this, it means that there are others who are experiencing the same as well... Do we need to have these cyberbullies? How will it affect our kids when they have a social media account of their own in the future?" she asked.

On the other hand, fellow celebrities took to the comments to share their two cents as well, with TV personality Fedtri Yahya asking Nurul to just focus on her happiness, and Zarina Zainuddin saying, "Just ignore the ignorants. They just love it when we react to them because it means that they have received our attention."

The singer has recently relocated to Bali with her husband and their three children. Ayu Nazirah, Noorul's 23 year-old daughter from her first marriage, remains in Malaysia with her dad, singer-composer Ajai.

Nourul with her four children
Nourul with her four children

(Photo Source: Nourul Instagram)

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