Heartwarming moment nurse was able to hold her two-year-old son after 11 weeks apart

A nurse has finally been reunited with her son after 11 weeks apart. (Peter Austin/SWNS)

A nurse has shared her joy at being reunited with her two-year-old son for the first time after the coronavirus pandemic forced them to spend 11 weeks apart.

Back in April Charlotte Cole,30 made the “agonising” decision to move her son George to her parents’ home after a confirmed coronavirus case at one of her workplaces.

The care quality nurse was only able to visit her little one through the safety of a window and heartbreaking pictures, captured last month, saw the mother/son duo daughter touching hands through the glass.

Now after 11 weeks self-isolated George has been reunited with his parents, Charlotte and Daniel, 30, after almost three months of separation as the government eased lockdown restrictions.

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The nurse made the agonising decision to self-isolate from her son, but the family are now reunited. (Peter Austin/SWNS)

Sweet snapshots show little George sprinting towards his parents as the family shared a loving embrace for the first time since their separation.

“We went to pick him up and he came running at us - it was so overwhelming,” Charlotte, from Kirkham, Lancs, said of the touching moment.

“I’ve never seen him run so fast and he grabbed on to us so tightly - I never wanted to let him go. 

“It felt so amazing to hold him again and to hear his little voice. 

“I missed all the little things so much, like his lovely blond curls.”

While she tried to put on a brave face, the mum-of-one admitted to being a bit of an emotional wreck.  

“I was tearing up but I didn’t want to break down and become a blubbering mess. It was just a lot to take in all at once. 

“I missed him so much - he’s just the cheekiest little boy, always laughing, and always up to something.”

Speaking of the family’s reunion she added: “My heart feels full again.”

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Little George was thrilled to be reunited with his parents. (Peter Austin/SWNS)

Charlotte says she had lost count of the days as little George had been away for so long - but that the first few weeks were agonising.

“This has been the longest we’ve ever been apart since he was born,” she explains. 

“I think the first few weeks were the hardest because it was so far removed from normality - I had no idea how to act without my little boy.

“It was incredibly difficult to adjust to not having him around. 

“I never thought it would be this long, we thought it would be a couple weeks at most.” 

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To pass the time, the couple painted their fences and garages until there weren’t anymore surfaces left to paint.

“The days were so long so we tried to do anything we could to pass the time - we painted the fences, the garage, and we eventually ran out of things to do. 

“We just needed to keep ourselves occupied. 

“Towards the end we were just counting the days until we could see him again, just hoping for some good news.”

“I wasn’t able to concentrate at all because he was all I was thinking about, but I bought him news toys and presents. It’s been like Christmas.”

Recalling the family’s decision to separate, Charlotte explains that though it was difficult it was also an easy decision to make as it was the only way to keep George safe.

The family have been reunited after almost three months apart. (Peter Austin/SWNS)

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But now that they family are back together, she hopes they never have to be separated again.

“I know my parents are very proud of the sacrifices Daniel and I had to make during these 11 weeks,” she continues.  

“They know how we feel about not seeing George but I’m glad he was with them as they love him as much as anything in the world.”

The family have just enjoyed their first weekend back together with the mum relishing making meals for three again.

She said: “It’s only been a day but it’s been wonderful to have his energy in the house again. 

“I missed making him tea and tucking him into bed. 

“I love him so, so much.”

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