Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.
Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell.

Glen Powell has addressed his cameo on Sydney Sweeney's recent Saturday Night Live monologue, when she teed him up for a joke about their rumored affair.

Asked about it on the Oscars red carpet, Powell told Entertainment Tonight, "It was just a blast, you know, Sydney and I have been just teammates in this whole thing, and this movie has been such a fun ride to be on, and to obviously get to do all that at SNL, that's like, the ultimate place to get to finish that."

As for whether he has SNL hosting ambitions, the actor revealed, "I would love to host."

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell
Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell

Sweeney and Powell were costars on the recent rom-com Anyone but You, and tons of people speculated about them having an affair on set—"affair" rather than romance because the Euphoria actress is engaged to Jonathan Davino.

Sweeney had already addressed said rumors back in December, noting that these were really hard on Powell because he was going through a breakup (from ex Gigi Paris) while wrapping up and promoting the movie.

Then when she hosted SNL a couple of weeks ago, Sweeney made a joke about the "craziest rumor" that "while I was filming Anyone But You I was having an affair with my costar, Glen Powell."

She continued, "That’s obviously not true. Me and my fiancé produced the movie together and he was there the entire shoot, and I just want to let everyone know that he’s the man of my dreams and we’re still together and stronger than ever."

She then asked for the cameras to cut to Davino in the audience, at which point they cut to Powell, drawing laughs and cheers.

Oh, they got us good.