Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn.
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift's fans are always trying to find a deeper meaning in everything she does and says—and they've done it again.

The latest Swiftie theory is that the singer subtly confirmed that her ex Joe Alwyn cheated on her via her choice of surprise songs during the Eras Tour date in Sydney, Australia, on Feb. 24.

For context, this comes after cheating rumors have been swirling around in fan circles online for months.

At her Feb. 24 show, Swift performed two song mashups, the first consisting of "Should've Said No" and "You're Not Sorry," both of which at the very least allude to cheating.

In "You're Not Sorry," Swift sings, "You're looking so innocent, I might believe you if I didn't know," while in "Should've Said No," she sings, "You should've known that word / 'Bout what you did with her'd get back to me."

This alone was enough for fans to think their fave was communicating to them that Alwyn had cheated, with TikTok sleuths running with that theory.

While speculating about celeb couples can be fun, I'd still urge you to take all this with a pinch of salt—and also, like Ms. Swift herself once pleaded, to not go out and defend her from Alwyn on the internet.

Swift and Alwyn dated for six years, finally confirming their breakup in April 2023. The singer is now preparing to release her new album, titled The Tortured Poets Department on April 19, which is widely believed to be about the breakdown of their relationship, and the impatience I feel is very real.