Out of nowhere, Lies of P is live 24 hours before its release date

 Lies of P.
Lies of P.

Surprise! The Pinocchio-inspired Soulslike Lies of P is out right now, 24 hours before its intended release date, and nobody seems to know why.

Lies of P is out right now across digital platforms including Steam and the Xbox store. That's a bit of a surprise considering that the game's announced release date was September 19 - tomorrow, as of this writing. Even the devs themselves were tweeting mere moments ago about "tomorrow" being the day to play Lies of P.

We've been checking our own consoles to confirm the surprise launch, and while the Steam and Xbox launches seem locked in, the game has been appearing and disappearing from the PlayStation store. Not even Sony seems to know what the deal is. The main PlayStation account is tweeting about the game being out "tomorrow" while PlayStation UK says the game is "out NOW for PS5 and PS4." A newly purchased PS5 version is locking at least one GR+ staffer out until midnight tonight.

This is particularly bizarre since some players - those who picked up the game's Deluxe Edition for a $10 upcharge - had already been playing Lies of P. The 72 hours of early access that developer Neowiz included as a Deluxe Edition bonus has been cut down to 48 hours with this sudden launch, though I guess that's technically still an early play period.

After all the jokes we've endured as a result of this very promising game's very silly title, I was not expecting the true lie of P to be the game's release date. But really, what could be more on-brand?

Check out our Lies of P review if you want to know more - in short, it's "a powerful contender on the Soulslike scene."