Now, like Waze, Google Maps can determine the cheapest routes for your long road trips

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Toll rates could soon appear on Google Maps.

Google Maps will soon integrate the price of tolls in its display and will even be able to suggest the cheapest routes for long-distance driving, whether you're going by car or motorcycle, according to reports. This new feature is reminiscent of one that is already present in Waze, the Google-owned driving assistance application.

According to several American media outlets citing members of the Google Maps preview program, the automatic display of toll prices should soon appear within the application. The feature will concern all types of tolls (roads, bridges, etc.) and will allow the app to determine the cheapest route.

In fact, toll prices will be displayed all along the route. As for the total, it will be indicated for the different routes considered.

Google Maps already identifies toll roads but does not yet show their prices. This innovative addition actually comes from Waze, another Google-owned application where this information has been available for several years, shared in real time by its users.

The new feature should be rolled out gradually, first in the United States, then in the rest of the world.

David Bénard

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