You can now monitor your pregnancy with a smartwatch

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Garmin smartwatches and their dedicated app allow mothers-to-be to keep track of the information to be shared with their physician.

Garmin is the first major wearable tech maker to offer a pregnancy monitoring feature to its smartwatch users. Mothers-to-be can benefit from specially designed tools to follow their baby's evolution and track their own health. Data is regularly saved, making it easier to provide follow-up information to doctors.

Thanks to Garmin smartwatches and their dedicated app (Garmin Connect), mons-to-be have access to weight management data, training goals and hydration reminders, all throughout their pregnancy, directly on their smartphone.

A database that has been programmed with 30 different types of symptoms as well as baby movements allows users to keep track of the information to be shared with their physician.

Note that the application allows women to enter and track blood glucose levels. This new feature also offers weight gain recommendations and tracks sleep.

Women who are eager to continue exercising during their pregnancy can tailor the type of sport and intensity, while tracking their heart rate and hydration levels.

The users receive weekly updates and tips concerning their pregnancy and the typical symptoms that accompany certain stages. They can also set personalized reminders to stay hydrated or to engage in relaxing activities.

This new feature is part of the Connect IQ menstrual cycle section and is compatible with various smartwatch ranges: Garmin Venu, vívoactive, Forerunner and fēnix.

More information about this feature in this video :

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