We Now Know When 'Yellowstone' Will End

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We Now Know When ‘Yellowstone’ Will EndParamount

Taylor Sheridan's hugely popular Western crime saga Yellowstone is coming to an end, and Paramount has finally announced when the show's last episodes will air. It turns out, fans have quite a wait on their hands. Due to the ongoing actors' strike, as well as delays caused by the now-resolved writers' strike, the second half of Yellowstone Season 5 won't air until November 2024.

It was announced in May this year that Yellowstone, which has launched several spinoffs and prequels about the Dutton family's sprawling history, would be concluding with its fifth season, and leading man Kevin Costner confirmed in September that he is leaving the Sheridan-verse in order to focus on filming his Civil War epic Horizon: An American Saga.

However, fans of the cowboy hit needn't worry: Two more spinoffs have been greenlit, with one set in 2024 and potentially continuing some of the original show's storylines and featuring familiar characters.

"Within five years, we grew Yellowstone from a hit U.S. cable show with five million viewers into a global hit franchise with over 100 million fans around the world and multiple extensions—and, we’re just getting started," Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios CEO Chris McCarthy said in a statement.

"On the heels of 1883 and 1923's success, our new planned spinoffs, 1944 and 2024, will take audiences on a thrilling, new and unexpected journey with the complex and compelling storytelling that has become a hallmark of the franchise and has helped turn it into a worldwide cultural phenomenon—thanks to the creative mastermind of Taylor Sheridan."

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