You can now join group calls in progress on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp calls can only support eight people at a time.

Someone called you, but you didn't pick up in time? Don't panic, WhatsApp is now letting users join group calls in progress. The messaging application has unveiled a new feature on its platform that shows users group calls currently underway.

The Facebook -owned WhatsApp application has improved its interface for voice and video calls, making it possible to join calls in progress, even after having missed or rejected them, according to the Facebook blog . Previously, users could not join a call after missing it or not answering. However, the people present in the call could add an additional person to the ongoing conversation.

To join a call in progress, users open the call information screen and press "Join." Participants can still add more people to calls, but they cannot remove a participant from a call. By pressing "Call," participants can send a notification to people who were invited to the call but who did not pick up. Users can also view and join active voice and video calls in the "Calls" tab.

Note that users can see who is invited to a call, which could prove problematic for people who don't want others to know who they're talking to on WhatsApp .

This new feature rolled out Monday, July 19 on the platform, but may take some time to appear for all users.

Sabrina Alili

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