'Not only is it cool for the environment, it's also very affordable' (Issia, high schooler, thrift store enthusiast)

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Issia has become an expert when it comes to thrift store shopping.

In this episode of TRENDZ, which explores the lifestyles of Generation Z, that is, those born between 1995 and 2012, Issia talks about ecology, lifestyle and beautiful clothing. This 16-year-old high school student tells us about how dressing in thrift store finds has become both an ecological commitment and an identity in its own right.

At 16 years old, Issia has become an expert at secondhand shopping. Once a week she goes to her favorite thrift stores and spends the money she earns through odd jobs or by selling things on resale platform Vinted. It's her way of creating her own sartorial style, with unique pieces.

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Some Gen Z takeaways from TRENDZ

The young people of Generation Z today represent 31% of the global population, and almost 50% in certain regions of Africa. On a global scale, they have spent €3,000 billion or just under €60 billion for France.

Eight times out of ten, people use the term Millennials instead of Gen Z to describe the generation born from 1995 onwards. Generation Y -- also known as the Millennials -- still comes top of searches on Google Trends, while Gen Z remains difficult to apprehend, seeing as there are more than 20 terms for naming it.

One major difference compared to other generations, is that Gen Z is characterized by its racial inclusivity. Plus, 48% of Gen Zers value gender fluid or gender neutral brands, according to research from McKinsey.

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