Not a Drill: Beyoncé’s Full Renaissance World Tour Set List Has Been Revealed

Beyoncé has officially kicked off the Renaissance World Tour! Which those of us who spent all of yesterday desperately juggling various livestreams from her first stop in Stockholm are well aware of!

Important things that happened during the show? Beyoncé dressed as a literal bee, sampled Britney Spears, covered Mary J. Blige, remained legendary—better than your faves, iconic, etc.—flew through the air, danced with robotic arms, and wore a color-changing UV dress.

Also important? We finally found out her full Renaissance World Tour set list, which Pop Base helpfully shared on Twitter. Ahem:

“Dangerously in Love 2”
“Flaws and All”
“I Care”
“I’m That Girl”
“Alien Superstar/Sweet Dreams”
“Lift Off”
“Cuff It”
“Break My Soul”
“Run the World (Girls)”
“My Power”
“Black Parade”
“Savage (Remix)”
“Church Girl”
“Get Me Bodied”
“Before I Let Go”
“Rather Die Young”
“Love on Top/I Want You Back”
“Crazy in Love”
“Plastic Off the Sofa”
“Virgo’s Groove”
“Naughty Girl”
“All Up in Your Mind”
“Drunk in Love”
“America Has a Problem”
“Summer Renaissance”

Kay, literally nothing to do but live vicariously through all these clips while I wait for Bey to show up in my city:

Also, before we go, yes, it appears Blue Ivy was there watching her mom with Jay-Z!

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