Not a darts bar person? The new Oche Riverside Point might change your mind

Oche darts bar singapore review
Oche darts bar singapore review

Mention darts bars and you will likely get a few grimaces.

This forgotten child of Singapore’s bar scene unfortunately suffers from a certain reputation: pedestrian food (fries with cheese excreted from what looks like an aerosol spray can) and peanut shells on the floor that’s at least two days old.

Okay maybe we’re exaggerating just a little bit but there’s no denying that it’s hardly the entertainment of choice when you’re heading to a bar. 

Oche (pronounced “ock-key”) might change all of that.

The bar located in Riverside Point along the river at Clarke Quay, has the potential to set a new standard for this genre thanks to its technology-enhanced gameplay, delicious food by notable chefs and music that’s set to get you bobbing. Here’s what to expect.

Oche darts bar singapore review
Image credit: Oche Riverside Point

The gameplay is tech-enabled
Darts is a group game and not everybody in your crew would know its rules and scoring mechanisms. It is, for the lack of a better word, a manual process. The high tech set up for Oche takes the pain out of playing by the rules and calculating the score — after all, you’re there to have a good time and not perform mathematical gymnastics in your head while scoffing your face with some of its posh nosh.

Oche uses technology to detect where the dart lands to tabulate the score (unfortunately, trying to trick the system and sticking a dart into the bullseye will not work. Yes, we tried.) A screen above the dart board shows the game’s progress. Each game of darts starts from $15 per player from 12pm to 5pm, or $20 per player from 5pm to 1am. 

Image credit: Oche Riverside Point
Image credit: Oche Riverside Point

The session starts by registering each guest as a player, where they also get to choose their team. There’s a camera to take your mugshot after which you’ll key in your name. From there, simply choose the game you’d like and you’re off.

The food and drinks are (surprisingly) excellent
One of the first dishes to arrive at our table was the spicy salmon cone, presented in a glass cloche that contained wisps of smoke. Here, cubes of Norwegian salmon are tossed in a piquant tangy dressing of mango and lime and given a spicy lift with a touch of habanero.

Another highlight was the king crab roll where plump shreds of king crab are slotted in a buttery brioche baked in-house with tomato concasse and dill. A scattering of crunchy pork skin on the top adds texture and fatty roundness.

If those sound like dishes you might have in a fine dining restaurant, you wouldn’t be off the mark. The global culinary teams include chefs like Michael Lunga who worked in a slew of award-winning restaurants and the quality certainly shows. Most of the dishes are made to be shared and where you can eat before throwing darts without staining your hands.

Not to be outdone, the drinks menu — in particular the list of signature cocktails — is just as formidable, as it’s been dreamed up by award-winning bartender Adam MacDonald. The Bam Bam-Aretto is deliciously piquant and riffs off the classic Amaretto Sour but dialed up just a notch with the addition of sherry. Elsewhere, the Thin Red Line — a lethal combo of Bourbon, Lemon, Angostura Bitters and Whey served with a thin layer of red wine on top — is sure to be a hit.

If you’re up for a classic drink, there’s always the usual suspects like the old fashioneds, mojitos and martinis. The wine list is decent with a good combination of new and old world wines while the champagne of choice here seems to be G.H Mumm.

Oche darts bar singapore review
Image credit: Oche Riverside Point

You will have a great time
Out of a group of five us who trooped down to the opening, only two had any experience playing with darts. The rest were only half convinced; by the time we’re halfway through the game, that half was high fiving each other.

It helps that by 9pm, the music would’ve gotten noticeably louder and you’d be bobbing to the feel-good pop classics as you down that third glass of prosecco.

Between the delicious food, great drinks, competitive gameplay and overall feel-good vibe of the space, Oche is a fabulous spot for some wholesome fun. We think this space would be great for team bonding, or when your usual band of barflies want to try something other than sitting around a table to talk about your feelings. Consider us sold.

Make a reservation here.

(All images: Oche Riverside Point)

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