Noel Ferrer: Iza Calzado is coping well!

Heidi Hsia

31 Mar – Noel Ferrer recently assured that his artiste Iza Calzado is doing well following news that she was tested positive for COVID-19.

The talent manager updated Calzado's health status on social media, writing, "I knew Iza is coping very well because of her display of good disposition. She said, (even in jest), "I have the corona" - while really wanting to share her learnings and realisations as she is continuously batting with the virus."

"For the first time last night she said, she slept well and is about to complete her cycle of antibiotics. She is okay, and she is thankful to everyone who has been attending to her and who has sent their messages of concern and love," he added.

Ferrer also revealed that Calzado has even recorded a personal video for family and friends to update on her condition.

At the same time, the talent manager urged netizens to stop circulating old videos of Calzado and passing it off as the actress' present state.

"There's a lesson to be learned here - GOOD SENSE. Sound judgement dictates that one should be able to discern what is personal from what is for public consumption. (Please take those videos down, they are not yours and you don't have permission!) Let us always be PRUDENT and try to base all our decisions and actions on what will sow hope and care which we all so need at this time. Keep safe everyone!" he added.

(Photo Source: Iza Calzado Instagram)