NOC boss Sylvia Chan apologises for 'harsh' words, removes herself from artiste lineup

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NOC's Sylvia Chan. (Photo: Instagram/sylsylnoc)
NOC's Sylvia Chan. (Photo: Instagram/sylsylnoc)

Singaporean YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) co-founder and chief executive Sylvia Chan posted an apology on her Instagram on Wednesday (13 October), regarding the anonymous accusations that she was abusive towards her employees. She said she would also “be removed from NOC’s lineup of artistes.”

Chan acknowledged that she “did not live up to the standards expected of [her]”, and that she had “disappointed people around [her].” She claimed there were “instances where [her] emotions overruled [her] better judgement.”

However, she clarified that “it was never [her] intention to upset anyone” and that she would “learn to be more conscious about [her] choice of words.” Chan “always thought that a leader should be tough” and realised that she “may have come on too strong, and people have now perceived [her] to be unkind and rude.”

She was “saddened if the good character and excellent work of [her] teams are now being undermined by [her] past actions”, and hoped that the audience would “give NOC the time and space to do what is necessary.”

In the last two weeks, anonymous Instagram account @sgcickenrice posted text messages and voice recordings, in which Chan allegedly used vulgarities and abusive language against her employees, such as NOC talent Samantha Tan.

Chan reflected that “it truly seemed like [she] was bullying a subordinate” and “will own up for using strong language. But it has never ever been [her] intention to harm, abuse or discriminate against her [Tan] or anyone.”

Chan explained:

“Samantha was a contestant and the eventual winner of NOC’s reality show kNOCkout. (…) However, it was only late into production that I found out she had an existing three year bond with a government agency and would not be able to sign a full-time contract with us, which was the grand prize of the show. As the executive producer, that really upset me as I felt that everything we did in the show was for nothing, since she would not be able to win the grand prize anyway. (…) I vented to my colleagues behind the scenes in private conversations with them.”

However, in a series of Instagram stories, Tan disputed Chan’s claims that she had “made it clear” that she had a government bond for three years. According to Tan, NOC’s lawyer had reviewed her contract “to make sure it was okay” that she had “two contracts running at the same time.” Tan also revealed that they were given the three-year NOC talent contract prior to the filming.

Samantha Tan disputed Sylvia Chan’s claims in a series of Instagram stories. (Photos: Instagram/samanthatyf)
Samantha Tan disputed Sylvia Chan’s claims in a series of Instagram stories. (Photos: Instagram/samanthatyf)

Regardless, Chan ended her lengthy apology, saying that she will be removed from NOC artiste lineup, and will take time to reflect on her words and actions.


Night Owl Cinematics boss Sylvia Chan threatens legal action over claims that she abuses employees

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