There Are No Words for Rita Ora’s Bouffant Mullet Haircut

There Are No Words for Rita Ora’s Bouffant Mullet Haircut

The only thing more extra than making a second video for your song, is choosing this spectacular 'do for said video. Rita Ora just released the second video for her new single Praising You, the second single released from her upcoming album You & I, and her giant hair style can only be described as a bouffant mullet of some sort?

Set back at the sides, the top of the head is a voluminous sweep of layers with curly bangs – almost giving a sideburn vibe – very fitting for this 70s-rockstar-on-the-road aesthetic she's serving up. After the short layers up-top creating that big old bouffant, the lower layers are falling in curls around her shoulders delivering that mullet moment.

The 2.0 music video came as news to fans, after Rita announced: "Surprise!! Due to the high demand for more i am here to give you more!! I have done a second interpretation for Praising You!! 👀🎭".

And we're so glad she did because this video is utterly chaotic in the best way, featuring her performing full-welly to a desert congregation of... mannequins. All of a sudden the hair doesn't seem so out-there.

The style was created by Danilo Dixon and perfectly crowns all the fabulousness of the platform booted, XL fur coated, leather shorted, tasseled glory.

Just when I thought I had my summer aesthetic nailed for this year I see this and it's all blown open again.

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