There Is No Substitute FOR Hard Work

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America has a rich and intriguing history. The first settlers who arrived in the west, places like California, Oregon, and Utah, were the hard working people who tamed the rugged and dry “Great Basin.” For many years the States of Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana had small populations. But recently they have been discovered for their wide-open spaces, great recreational opportunities, and wonderful lifestyle. Bob Harrington, an entrepreneur and author, grew up in the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains in the beautiful Salt Lake City. He spent his childhood there and enjoyed a rich and active life in the valley and mountains. From his youth he developed the determination to succeed. Harrington’s work ethic that came from the plodding of his parents has served him well throughout his life. Though not the sharpest knife in the drawer his hard work has paid off.

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Working has been a major factor in his life. It has brought him a sense of satisfaction and contentment. It has opened many opportunities and has paved the way for a wonderful life. He learned that work never hurts anyone and it brings a certain sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. His grandfather used to say, “Work hard, remember you only have to work half a day. Pick any twelve hours you want.” Hard work will always pay off.


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  • Blessed with a Supportive Family


Harrington grew up in a supportive family that gave him the confidence that he could achieve anything he wanted. He has three wonderful sisters, all of whom are capable, independent women. Harrington pursued his education and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Philosophy. In his last days in college, he met the woman of his dreams. After graduation, they moved to Scotland where his wife was a teacher and he pursued graduate studies. They were soon expecting their first child and they returned to Utah to pursue a degree in Law from the University of Utah. Harrington's life is now devoted to his four wonderful children, all of whom have been very successful, and his many grandchildren who bring him great joy.

Harrington practiced law for a time and was involved in the real estate business. His experience included developing storage centers, subdivisions, a first-class hotel, land and custom homes in Park City, Utah. The Harrington's lived in Park City for eleven years. Harrington describes those years; “As some of the happiest years of our lives. The family, three girls and a boy, skied often, played golf and tennis and enjoyed all of the fun times of the small mountain town. “


  • Diversifying the Professional Portfolio


Harrington’s entrepreneurial experience includes two Airborne Express franchises in Denver and Phoenix, several Minute Lube stores in San Diego, office warehouses in St. George, subdivisions in St. George and Park City, Utah. Additionally, he owned and operated a large mortgage brokerage in Salt Lake, South Jordan, Orem, and Ogden Utah; as a lawyer he did thousands of title insurance policies for those mortgages; he worked with a partner to create a real estate fund that provided millions of dollars in financing for over sixty-two deals in most of the western states. He continues to do small-scale land and housing deals in the greater Salt Lake area.

COVID-19, a period of uncertainty for many, pushed the world into lock down. While many wasted their time binge-watching the series, Harrington took the time to write several books. Death in The Promised Land, his first book, tells the story of JD Beck, a lawyer, a former marine and a former prosecutor, who, as fate would have it, found two escaped prisoners in his office. This encounter led to disclosure of a huge criminal scheme that Beck risks his life to crush.

The case involves international money laundering, storage of illegal “hot” nuclear waste, and a giant corrupt enterprise that kills anyone who gets in their way. Beck risks his life and the lives of his small team to unravel the massive corruption that has invaded his state.

The dedication, strong work ethic, and eagerness to succeed in life, led Harrington to explore many professional experiences. While working in businesses, he decided to explore his abilities as an author. His efforts and care towards work and family reflect on his lifestyle and personality. Harrington makes sure to make every moment worthwhile, both in professional as well as his personal life. Working towards a better future, Harrington manages to enjoy life to its fullest.

While Bob has built a financially stable life for himself, he always makes time for his family. The family skies and fishes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho’s trails and rivers. He and his better half have traveled widely across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They spend part of their summers in Newport Beach, California, and have been to Hawaii many times. Harrington adores his family and dedicates his life to their health and happiness. He and his wife have been happily married for over fifty years. For the past few years, they have explored the southwest of America, which they have grown to love.

Harrington has reached a stage in his life of happiness and contentment. He prays for good health and the safety of his family. He has spent years working with his children on their education and athletic endeavors. He coached many of their teams, soccer, football, baseball and others. He has dedicated many hours to his community, serving on the planning commission for a number of years and being a zoning hearing officer. He is devoted to his church and has given many hours of service to the young people in his community and those in need. He has had a good life and lives with no regrets.

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