No more hash browns? McDonald’s Malaysia runs out of popular breakfast item

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Who doesn’t love hash browns? And more importantly, McDonald’s hash browns. These delicious and perfectly crispy potato treats are honestly the highlight to my breakfast (and on some days, I even get two!). Now to my dismay, McDonald’s Malaysia has announced that they have run out of hash browns. Oh, the horror!

McDonald's - tweet

Twitter user’s @dewirosliiiiiii tweet about the missing hash browns went viral after the employee informed her that they will replace the hash browns in customers’ breakfast orders with fries or apple pies. This was of course followed by laments about the discontinuation of the hash browns.

McDonald's - tweet

First the discontinuation of large portion of fries, now hash browns. Could this be the end of the world? Fret not! McDonald’s Malaysia replied to @dewirosliiiiiii tweet explaining that the discontinuation is not permanent. In the tweet, the fast food chain said, “Patience, young folks, this is just temporary. The hash browns are out of stock. But we can’t predict when it will be back.”

McDonald's - tweet

In another tweet, McDonald’s Malaysia reiterated that the temporary halt is only till the stock returns to normal. The fast food chain also encouraged fans of the breakfast treat to express their hopes for the return of the much loved menu item in the comments section.

McDonald’s Malaysia hash browns, we eagerly await your return! It’s not the same without your crispy presence at breakfast.

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