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'No metal shards in your food': This bristle-free grill brush is down to $22

My father-in-law is the grill king and he swears by this bad boy every single summer.

If you're like my father-in-law, any summer weekend when the sun's out is fair game for firing up the grill. Throughout the many years I've watched him get his grill on, there's one thing that has remained constant: He never used a wire-bristle grill brush. When I asked him why, he simply said: "I can't have us eating metal." After doing some research, I think he's onto something!

According to ENT Health, ear, nose and throat specialists warn about the dangers of wire-bristle grill brushes. "Cleaning baked-on food from your grill using a wire brush may cause bristles to become stuck to the grates," they say. And you can imagine what that means: Bristles in your burgers! Time for an upgrade? This stainless steel grill brush has over 12,000 Amazon shoppers (including my father-in-law) flipping out.

An Amazon shopper favorite, this genius brush uses a Brillo pad-like surface to clean grates without shedding. It has a built-in scraper for easily removing baked-on food and other gunk from your grill top.

$22 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

While the grill brush recently increased in price by $2, it's still a massive bargain given the peace of mind you'll get. And since many traditional versions don't come with built-in scrapers, you're getting bang for your buck with this two-in-one maintenance tool.

Why do I need this? 🤔

ENT Health says the bristles that fall off traditional grill brushes can become lodged in your food and, "if consumed, wire bristles can injure your mouth, throat, tonsils or esophagus." An ER trip in the middle of summer cookout season is the last thing we need!

Wire-free grill brushes are your safest bet, and this one was made to tackle not just the main surface, but hard-to-clean areas like the sides of the grates. Made with galvanized twisted wire and stainless steel, it won't rust and should last for years.

It works with most types of grills, like gas, charcoal, smoker, porcelain and infrared. The brand says not to use it on mesh grills since the surface may snag on the checkered grates. It's best to pre-heat your grill for 15 minutes before cleaning.

bristle-free grill brush being used on vertical grill grates
Now there's no need to fret about ingesting metal (ew) when you grill. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

We love it when a product is so revered on Amazon that tens of thousands of shoppers sing its praises. The Grillart Bristle-Free Grill Brush and Scraper has raked in 12,000+ flawless ratings!

Pros 👍

This shopper got right to the point: "No metal shards in your food!"

Another reviewer with a Traeger grill says "this brush works well," adding that "the scraper is a nice perk." "Having a brush with no bristles is a big bonus in my family," they said.

"No longer worried about getting metal in my food," a relieved shopper wrote. "It reaches all parts of my grill easily... The handle seems pretty sturdy and I could get a good grip on it."

One shopper said the bristled grill brush he had been using for years started to shed, so he opted for this one for safer cooking: "I love this tool instead of the brushes that can leave fine metal pieces on the grill, which is dangerous. I use the scraper and the 'brush' part."

Cons 👎

While negatives were hard to find, one shopper said it would've been nice if "it worked as well at cleaning in between the grates as a wire brush did."

Another said: "You need to apply a bit more elbow grease and [allow for more] time to clean your grill, but as someone who has accidentally cut his mouth on a stray bristle, it is WELL WORTH IT."

The weather-resistant, heavy-duty handle is a roomy 18 inches long.

$22 at Amazon

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