Nintendo Disputes Switch 2 Rumors, Despite Credible Evidence

A person is shown playing a Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.
A person is shown playing a Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.

Rumors of a Nintendo Switch successor have been circulating all year, and reports of private demos for developers at this year’s Gamescom and Activision getting briefed on the device only fueled the fire. Despite this, Nintendo pinky swears it never actually showed its next console (known colloquially as the “Switch 2”) anywhere, according to President Shuntaro Furukawa.

Japanese outlet Mainichi reports that Furukawa denies Nintendo showcased the device to partners at public events or private meetings with game companies. But thanks to the FTC vs. Microsoft court case that took place earlier this year, there are unsealed legal documents and emails confirming the company was in contact with Activision about its next console (even comparing its power level to that of a PlayStation 4). So it’s more likely that Nintendo doesn’t want to publicly announce or acknowledge a new system before the 2023 holiday season, which is when people would be buying a Nintendo Switch. A potential Switch 2 could change people’s plans for holiday purchases.

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