Ning Baizura: Try singing for 30 years and then we talk!

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1 Aug – Ning Baizura recently slammed netizens who made fun of her recent performance at the Bobo KL.

The singer, whose video of her having difficulties belting the chorus of her popular song, "Awan Yang Terpilu" went viral recently, decided to share her performance from day one, in which she could be heard singing the song in perfection.

"Dear all you human beings, remember that God is Great. Thank you to all fans who expressed their support in the light of this silly viral highlights. And for those who think it's funny, go on," she wrote on 30 July.

Ning stated that the more viral the video went, the more blessed she is, as she has now gained more followers and offers.

"You don't know my journey and what I am going through, why I sang that way, why I was feeling how I was feeling when I was singing that song," she said.

Ning explained that it was almost the 80th song out of the four days of her singing back-to-back for two hours plus at the said venue.

"The real fans came out and enjoyed the shows and supported me. The fake fans are plenty on social media. They just love to make fun and laugh at you... Well, I am happy to see so many people are suddenly so interested in my sopranos style of singing... That's wonderful. Come for lessons or try singing for 30 over years then we talk," she added.

Her post received a lot of support from fans and fellow celebrities, with singer Neeta writing, "They don't know class and vulnerability. Keep doing you, queen."

Ning performed for four days at Bobo KL
Ning performed for four days at Bobo KL

(Photo Source: Ning Baizura Instagram)

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