Nili Lotan RTW Spring 2024

“I don’t want people to say, ‘that is a great dress,’ I want them to say, ‘that is a great woman,'” Nili Lotan said firmly at her downtown showroom. For Lotan it’s always been about the woman and what she needs, not about a garment that steals the show.

Spring sees her add navy to the mix, a subtle shift to some but a big one for a designer. “Navy is my new black, ” she said, adding that is what she told buyers who inquired about her having any color options for the season. Her tailoring loosened up a bit, pants were looser but sharp, as was her Japanese cotton shirting. “I feel minimal. I feel pure. I feel utilitarian,” she said. It’s her lane, and she didn’t tread too far away, yet still found ways to add newness to the mix, wardrobing her customer.

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Knits were fine gauge, denim had various workwear utility elements, and some khaki separates and stripes were mixed in to enhance her navy assortment, each with her downtown slick edge. Lotan said it’s not about a full look, rather her pieces are interchangeable, easy to mix and match, with a season-less appeal.

Launch Gallery: Nili Lotan RTW Spring 2024

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