Nicolle Wallace Mocks Trump for Selling $60 Bibles: ‘If He Were Selling Waterbeds or Condoms, Fine’ | Video

Nicolle Wallace mocked former President Donald Trump on Wednesday for his latest business endeavor — this time with “God Bless the USA” singer Lee Greenwood to sell a customized Bible for $60.

The host of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” laughed at the 2024 Republican presidential nominee’s commercial for the product before getting fed up with the idea altogether.

“This is also a fraud,” Wallace said. “I mean, if he were selling waterbeds or condoms, fine.”

She added that “he said the greatest risk he’d taken was being sexually active in the ’80s” and that the Bible “has nothing to do with Donald Trump. The Bible he held upside down at Lafayette Square told us so. So I think this is also part of the lie that he is propagating on his base.”

The “Deadline” segment began with Wallace playing a clip from Trump’s ad for the Bible, in which he says, “Religion and Christianity are the biggest things missing from this country. All Americans need a Bible in their home, and I have many. It’s my favorite book. I think you all should get a copy of God Bless the USA Bible now and help spread our Christian values. Let’s make America pray again.”

Through a fit of laughter, Wallace then pulled up the infamous 2015 interview in which Trump refused to name a verse from his “favorite book,” and when asked if he preferred the Old Testament or New Testament, he said he liked them “probably equal.”

Democratic strategist Basil Smikle was on hand with Wallace to address the embattled politician’s new business project, questioning how in one breath the Bible could be Trump’s favorite book and in another, he’s keeping “speeches of Adolf Hitler on his bedside.”

“Probably equal!” Wallace chimed in.

“Equal, right, equal weight,” Smikle said. “It’s fascinating to me because he’s selling sneakers, which Black Twitter called Treason Ones, which is phenomenal. He’s selling this Bible. And, you know, I would check it to make sure the verses are what they’re supposed to be because they could be his propaganda hidden in those pages. He’ll be selling his bath water next and the hems of his garments. And we’ve seen this before.”

Smikle then determined that Trump’s Bible peddling “mimics the behavior of the televangelist. He’s a political televangelist. And if we think about the population that is just so stubbornly and significantly for him as, you know, akin to a religious fervor, then this makes sense. They’re funding his lifestyle.”

The strategist advised the Biden administration and reelection campaign to point to that fact every time Trump is seen golfing — “every single time.”

“Every time you see him playing golf, the voters are funding that thinking they’re sending him to the White House, but they’re actually sending him to the golf course,” he said. “And hopefully you wrest some of that attention away from him and then focus the public on the issues that really matter. But this is a political televangelist getting people to support his lifestyle.”

Watch the full “Deadline: White House” segment in the video above.

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