Nicole Trunfio working on a book about pregnancy experiences

Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio is working on a book about her experiences with pregnancy. 

The Australian model and her musician husband Gary Clark Jr. announced in September that they are expecting another child, a sibling for their son Zion, five, and three-year-old daughter Gia.

In December, Nicole took to Instagram to open up about the serious health issues, including an overactive thyroid, she has battled during her "difficult" third pregnancy, and in a new piece for Vogue Australia, revealed she is planning to share more details in an upcoming book.

"My first (pregnancy) was a breeze - I was working until about six months in, shooting lingerie campaigns, flying to promote a movie I'd just shot (for) the Toronto International Film Festival and then onto Dubai for a TV commercial," the 33-year-old penned. "For my second (pregnancy), I chose to have a home birth which did not go smoothly, and I almost died. I'm working on a book about that whole experience at the moment."

Elsewhere, Nicole explained how she's taking a "different approach" while expecting her third child, and while she is staying active by chasing after her two children and maintaining her family's Texas ranch, she isn't going to the gym.

She also revealed that the whole Clark family have temporarily moved to be close to her medical team in preparation for the baby's arrival.

"We've relocated to Los Angeles to deliver with our favourite (obstetrician) who makes everything feel easy and calm. Things have been busy - my husband just won three Grammys and I just launched my second business, (pregnancy clothing brand) Bumpsuit. I know what you're thinking... it's probably time we relax," Nicole added.

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