Nicole Trunfio suffering health issues during 'incredibly difficult' third pregnancy

Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio has been suffering from serious health issues during her "difficult" third pregnancy.

The Australian model and her musician husband Gary Clark Jr. announced in September that they are expecting another child, a sibling for their son Zion, four, and 22-month-old daughter Gia.

Nicole recently took to Instagram to upload a photo of her growing baby belly and shared in the accompanying caption that she has been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), or when the thyroid gland produces too much of the thyroid hormones.

"My third pregnancy has been so incredibly difficult until recently, I had severe morning sickness up until 22 weeks and discovered I had hyperthyroidism, which is something I knew very little about," the 33-year-old wrote. "I felt extreme anxiety and like I was always moments away from a heart attack. It was so incredibly hard to wake up at 6am every morning, get my kids ready for school, go to work, manage a team and run a business... but as mothers we know we don't have a backup, we just make it work."

Nicole, who is currently 27 weeks pregnant, went on to explain that she was prescribed medication by her doctor, but decided to try and take some other precautions first. Thankfully, her plan worked and she is now beginning to feel much better.

"Your thyroid is the thermometer for your body, if it is off balance, something in your life/diet/spirit is off balance. I discovered what was off balance and fixed it. I'm not saying you can cure everything naturally, sometimes medication is needed, but, I do believe that we can be more in tune with our body, our life, and ourselves than we give ourselves credit for, if we just listen. All three pregnancies have had major tests that I have had to face, that have made me a stronger and wiser human, I am thankful for every lesson," the brunette beauty concluded.

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