Nico Bolzico pokes fun at Matteo Guidicelli's unboxing video

Heidi Hsia

25 Jun – Nico Bolzico got everybody rolling with laughter recently, after he made fun of Matteo Guidicelli for his less than graceful unboxing technique that sparked a backlash against him.

As reported on GMA News, the Argentinian businessman recently went on Instagram and posted a video of him pretending to have his own unboxing activity, captioning the video, "Nothing to see here, just a short clip of Normal People Unboxing Gifts vs. [Matteo Guidicelli] Unboxing Gifts."

"No hard feeling Mat!" he added in jest.

In the video, Bolzico acted an unboxing activity, in which he opened a box carefully to show the mugs he supposedly received for Father's Day.

In another scene, he mimicked Guidicelli by shaking the box violently and repeatedly, before opening it to show the already broken items inside.

Netizens who saw the video couldn't help but laugh and call Bolzico "savage" for making fun of his own good pal.

It is noted that Guidicelli previously drew the ire of many, especially gamers and other vloggers alike when he posted an unboxing video where he handled his PlayStation Pro 4 bundle in a rough way.