Nick Lachey Totally Approves of His Wife Vanessa Lachey's Celeb Hall Pass

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Nick Lachey Approves of Vanessa's Celeb Hall PassNetflix

Ah, yes, the traditional "celebrity hall pass" convo that comes with committed relationships. We've all had this discussion with our partners at certain points in time, and even stars like Vanessa and Nick Lachey are no strangers to the concept of a hall pass. During The Ultimatum's season 2 reunion special, the hosts—who have been together for 16 years—dished on which A-Listers they'd shoot their shot with if given the chance.

Before Vanessa could even specify her pick, Nick correctly guessed his wife's celeb hall pass is Ryan Reynolds. The singer noted he had "heard" of her crush on the Deadpool star before they discussed the boundaries of the hall pass (which is honestly a pivotal part of the convo).

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"If you see this celebrity person in real life and they actually kind of give you a wink, they're a hall pass," Vanessa explained. "So, it's okay to flirt with that person."

Nick didn't reveal who his pass would be but did question, "Is it a flirt or is it a hook-up? Hall pass is a hook-up in my book." Once Nick and Vanessa squared away the terms and conditions of their hall passes, Ultimatum contestant Ryann McCracken dished that her hall pass would also be Ryan Reynolds, who has been married to Blake Lively for 11 years.

"Ryan, uh, call us," Vanessa jokingly said to the cameras as Nick laughed with his wife and added, "Ryan's gonna be a busy guy. He's gonna be worn out."

Suddenly, I'm rooting for this whole situation to pan out (?!) and something tells me Ryan would be totally flattered by all of this.

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