Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Just Wore Coordinating, Traditional Indian Outfits

Alanna Greco
Photo credit: Gary Gershoff - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, otherwise known by their celebrity couple nickname 'Prick,' are quite possibly the cutest celeb couple that ever was (don't @ me). First they go off and do charming things like publicly beam at each other and write each other sweet Instagram messages, and now they are turning their cuteness up a notch by wearing coordinating traditional Indian outfits.

Earlier this week, Nick and Priyanka got all dressed up to go to an engagement party for friends in Lake Como, Italy. And even if you weren't jealous that they got to go to Italy, you will probably be jealous of how adorable they look in this photo:

It's actually not the first time that Nick has been Instagrammed in traditional Indian wear. For his and Priyanka's roka ceremony in India a couple of months ago, Nick also wore an Indian frock and looked amazing doing it:

And if you take away nothing else from their coupledom, please just note that Nick looks great in everything and that these two are absolutely meant to be.

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