Nicholas Tse preps up for GastronoMusic Fest

29 Nov – Nicholas Tse has already begun preparing for "GastronoMusic Fest" - his food, culture, arts, and entertainment collaboration with MGM Macau.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer-turned-celebrity chef, who is cooperating with MGM's chef team to create unique meals for the said event that will be launched on 30 November, stated that eating in the modern world is no longer for sustenance, but for entertainment and enjoyment.

"Modern people are all about "camera first". Sharing food photos is more important than tasting food. I think that taking photos and tasting alone is not enough. I hope to have an event can have both food and music, so I started the concept of this rock food festival a year ago," said Nicholas.

As a lover of Macau's authentic snacks, the singer hopes to share their innovative cuisines with residents and tourists alike through the said fest.

"I hope to continue doing this in the future, hosting such festivals around the world, to communicate with local people, to convey more of my cutting edge cuisine and others' as well," he added.

Among performers of the upcoming event include Joey Yung, Adason Lo, JW, and Angela Hui.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)