Nicholas Tse learns of niece's birth from the news

22 Oct – Jennifer Tse's previous pregnancy was such a secret that brother Nicholas Tse admitted that even he had learned of the baby's birth through the news.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who spoke to the media recently, shared that he hasn't been in contact with the actress for a year and has no idea whether Jennifer is coming back to Hong Kong soon.

"I didn't even know [about the birth]. I only found out after reading the newspaper. But I have seen her face," he said, when asked about his newborn niece.

However, Nicholas stressed that his family isn't conventional, and that not being in contact with each other does not mean that they are estranged from one another.

"I will definitely be there for her if she needs me," he said.

As to rumours that his father Patrick Tse is rekindling his romance with first wife Zhen Zhen and will be getting married soon, Nicholas responded, "That's a lot of news. That's crazy. But he's an adult. He can do whatever he wants."

(Photo Source: on cc)