Ng Kwan Cheung: Elena Kong and I are still friends

10 Oct – Ng Kwan Cheung recently described the end of his relationship to Elena Kong as "fated".

As reported on Oriental Daily, Ng, who spoke about their breakup after it made the news recently, stated that he and Elena have always been on good terms with each other, but that the romantic feelings they had for each other just faded.

"It just simply ended," he said.

He also dismissed the idea of a third party involvement, saying that he is still single since their breakup, which happened two years ago.

As to whether the fact that they had yet to marry after 11 years together played a part in the breakup, Ng said that marriage is just a piece of paper and meant nothing.

Ng stressed that nothing has changed between him and Elena, and that she is still his business partner and his company's resident artiste.

On the other hand, when asked about his father Kenneth Ng's statement that the two had actually tied the knot in Seattle back in 2006, Ng said that there was no such thing.

(Photo Source: Apple Daily)