Vietnamese noodle soup made on the spot for diners in restaurant

A Vietnamese noodle soup called pho is made on the spot for diners at a restaurant full of nutritious ingredients and served in a stone bowl to keep it hot. Footage filmed in the city of Hanoi in Vietnam on September 12 shows a chef cutting the rice noodles and placing them into a bowl with sliced beef, onion and coriander to make the high-protein dish. He then put the broth of pho, which is cooked from bones for eight hours, into a stone bowl with ribs and oxtails and served them along with the noodles to the diner. The pho restaurant owner said: "Our pho is prepared according to traditional flavours. In addition, I use a stone bowl to keep it hot at all times to increase the appetite of diners. "The soul of pho is the broth and beef. We always use the best parts of the beef for processing, including corned beef, beef ribs, beef encrusted. "The process of coating pho is very elaborate, I choose the type of rice that must be suitable for the dish, both soft and chewy, and the technical experience of the chef is also very important to create the noodle." A diner named Mr. Nguyen Van Vuong who only eats pho from this restaurant with his family said: "Pho is made on site for diners to visit, so I believe food safety is very high. "Although the price is a bit high, the quality is worth it." A bowl of pho costs 95,000 VND, which is around $5.

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