Zhang Ziyi quells rumours of conflict with Eason Chan

Zhang Ziyi quells rumours of conflict with Eason Chan

17 Jul – Zhang Ziyi's appearance at Hong Kong singer Eason Chan's concert recently crushed rumours of a brewing conflict between the two.

As reported on Liberty Times website, it was rumoured that the two of them have been at odds with one another ever since the actress got involved in the judging stint for the singing contest, "The X-Factor: China's Strongest Voice".

However, fans of both stars were thrilled to see Ziyi at Eason's "Life" concert show in Hong Kong on 14 July, automatically dismissing rumours of their supposed bad relationship.

On the other hand, the Chinese actress was caught yawning halfway through the show, by which the Cantopop singer teased Ziyi with a warning, saying, "The Cantopop songs must have bored you. Next time I'll sing Chinese, English and even Thai songs for you!"

Caught in her act, Ziyi responded with a flying kiss to which Eason graciously accepted and pretended to keep in his pocket, drawing cheers from the audiences.

The actress also went to meet Eason back stage after the show, and praised the singer's wonderful performance.

She quipped, "My heart was fluttering when Eason grabbed hold of my flying kiss. Keep up the good work!"

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