‘ZE:A’ Park Hyung Sik, He Can See The Attraction Of Spicy Food

[by Choi Kwang Je / translated by Kim Jiyoung] ZE:A, a.k.a an idol group leading the Korean Wave. These days, the hottest member of ZE:A is Park Hyung Sik.

Park Hyung Sik have appeared in tvN ‘Nine,’ SBS ‘The Heirs,’ and MBC ‘A Real Man,’ showing off his colorful magnetism. In particular, as Park Hyung Sik was really involved in ‘A Real Man,’ he won the audience’s hearts and became a hot issue.

Park Hyung Sik is popular for being a new idol leading the Korean Wave, so people are watching his every movement: family relationships, hobbies, special talents, favorite color, favorite song, favorite dish, and so on. In particular, his unique taste made headlines, because he is a spicy food fan.

Park Hyung Sik appeared in MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ and introduced himself as a spicy food lover. He revealed that he usually went out of his way to visit famous restaurants for spicy foods, because he loves to eat them. It just drew admiration of ‘Infinite Challenge’ members.

Any spicy food with full of capsaicin like Dak Bal(Chicken Feet), Jjamppong(Chinese-style noodles with vegetables and seafood), Tteokbokki(stir-fried Rice Cake) was only a leisurely affair to Park Hyung Sik on that particular day and it amazed his surroundings. ‘Infinite Challenge’ members gulped down the water with their mouths watering and pained looks on their faces, which was a total contrast and caused a big smile.

Spicy foods are welcomed and loved in summer in particular. Most Korean people usually say ‘Let’s fight fire with fire’ in summer. By taking advantage of this idea, spicy meals are gradually becoming popular. Is there any reason why ‘fight fire with fire’ are mostly welcomed to overcome the summer’s heat?

When you eat spicy foods, they stimulate blood circulation and generate warmth in your body that makes your fever lowered by sweating: it is the principle of ‘fighting fire with fire.’ Also, spicy taste is actually considered as a sense of pain and it stimulates your brain to pump out adrenalin and it makes you feel refreshed temporarily and relieves stress.

As summer grows on, spicy foods are becoming popular in this way. In particular, there are many spicy foods in Korea like Jjamppong(Chinese-style noodles with vegetables and seafood), Galbi-jjim(Braised Short Ribs), Nakji-bokkeum(Stir-fried Octopus), Tteokbokki(stir-fried Rice Cake), Rice Porridge, Seasoned Chicken, etc. Riding the Korean Wave’s popularity, spicy Korean foods continued to gain massive popularity.

Besides, many restaurants specializing in Korean foods also make preparations for various spicy foods for summer special.

‘J-Story,’ a global franchise company specializing in Korean foods released 3 kinds of ‘Sambok(Dog Days) Porridge’ as a new menu to overcome the summer’s heat: ‘Bada(Sea) Porridge,’ ‘Bul-bada(Sea of Fire) Porridge,’ ‘Jeonbok-Insam-Dak(Abalone-Ginseng-Chicken) Porridge.’ In particular, ‘Bul-bada(Sea of Fire) Porridge’ boasts of its spicy taste.

All sorts of sea food including abalone, octopus, blue crab, oyster, shrimp, squid, etc. are gathered and put in ‘Bul-bada(Sea of Fire) Porridge’ that boasts of a fiery taste which you’ll love it as you eat it. ‘Bul-bada(Sea of Fire) Porridge’ is not only spicy, but also offers excellent nutrition based on hearty seafood. Therefore, it is also considered as a health food in the summer.

As summer grows on, on top of ‘Bul-bada(Sea of Fire) Porridge’, another menu of J-Story is also becoming popular. ‘Bul-chamchi(Spicy Tuna) Bibimbap’ is a special menu harmonized with spicy sauce, tuna and fresh vegetables. It is not only spicy, but also considered as a substantial meal.

‘Bul-Nakji(Spicy Octopus) Fried Rice’ is a fried meal with a Korean traditional red pepper paste, plump octopus and vegetables. Chewy taste of octopus is a delicacy. In particular, it is suitable for snacks for kids due to the nature of nutrient-rich octopus. (Photo by: J-story, bntnews DB, MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’)

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