Audi Fashion Festival Day 4: Zac Posen impresses while local talent shines

Amanda Mok
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Guest blogger Amanda Mok of Fashionide has one foot in the swirly, glitzy universe that is fashion, the other firmly planted in reality. She has been nicknamed “the barefoot fashionista” because while she always has an eye out for that perfect pair of killer stilettos, she would much rather pad around barefoot.

If you want to look super-glamorous (or even just breathtaking for your man), then Zac Posen’s your man.

The internationally acclaimed designer – whose celebrity clientele includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Naomi Campbell – lent his star cred to Day 4 of the Audi Fashion Festival. And admittedly, it was the one show that everyone was understandably excited about.

Posen’s Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter 2012 collection showcased what he does best – old Hollywood glamour. I’ve always thought his mermaid-esque gowns and cocktail dresses were beautiful, but finally getting to see them up close on the runway live was a whole new experience altogether. There’s really no secret to the classic silhouette of a Zac Posen gown; on the female form it instantly creates that coveted hourglass figure.

But let’s not forget the other stars of the night. Parco next NEXT, Alldressedup, Max.Tan, Mae Pang and more proved that we have much to be proud of, as they sent their freshest, to-die-for designs on the runway prior Posen’s. And the Tent@Orchard was wonderfully packed with people who are all for supporting our local labels.

Parco next NEXT, for one, featured nine of Singapore fashion’s most promising – 20:Two:Three, Episene, Evenodd, Lion Earl, Mash-Up, Mils and Quainthood, plus existing alumni Veira Tan Wey Ling and Pauline.Ning. Not to be outdone was Alldressedup, which has gone international with its eclectic collections and unique themes. Future Fashion Now also presented us with Max.Tan, Mae Pang and the Singapore-made, New York-based luxury streetwear brand Dzojchen.

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High energy, crazy-fun and inspired by cinematography, Mash-Up’s first ever collection incorporated embroidery and neon-coloured beading into dresses, shirt dresses and tank tops. The result was a mash-up of everything eye-popping, including monster clothing and accessories that would look right at home on a totem pole. Also getting into the spirit of things was the youngest model on the runway, who made her grand entrance on wheelies! 

A huge contrast to Mash-Up, Episene by Lee Yun Ting was more austere. The designer drew influences from art, history and philosophy, bringing elements of the past and present together. Each piece was a study in androgyny, featuring an asymmetrical tailored double-breasted jacket that’s all about individualism.

Very, very wearable pieces for the stylish woman who places a high value on comfort. This season’s colour palette is unfussy, neutral, and perfect for matching and layering without too much planning. The signature print this time round is an interesting grey canvas, which features short black-and-white paint strokes. It’s also the time to go asymmetrical, as Alldressedup presented countless options in floaty chiffon and draped, ruched jumpsuits.

Mae Pang
While staying true to her label’s DNA of mesh, cutouts and angular shapes, Mae Pang has since moved on from the neon colours and sparkly black polyester of her first collection. Today, she displayed a mish-mash of hybrid pieces that layered see-through with opaque, creating a peek-a-boo effect that still remained modest. A piece from her collection I’ve got my eye on is the Silver Weave Fitted Shadow Skirt.

• Local model Sheila Sim rocking a colourful pop-culture frock by Mash-Up on the runway.
• A Parco next NEXT show packed full of Singaporeans, who wanted to support our young and emerging local designers.
• Actor Nat Ho at the front row of Mae Pang, Dzojchen and Max.Tan.
• Jostling photographers with their lenses pushed forward for the Zac Posen show. (But they did it rather politely. Photographers can be the most affable people at fashion shows.)

• A fellow fashion blogger declared right after the Zac Posen show that when she got married, she’d definitely want her gown to be a Posen.

• Magazines in the goodie bags amassed over the past few days include Harper’s Bazaar, Her World, Nuyou, Cleo, Female, Elle and Style:Men.

Scary moment:
• Though the runway was smooth, at least three models almost fell. But they still managed to regain their composure to a supportive audience, who clapped to cheer them on.