Yuka Ninomiya delivers first child

Yuka Ninomiya delivers first child

29 May – Former SDN48 member Yuka Ninomiya has delivered her first child, after a smooth delivery on 23 May.

According to Jpopasia, Ninomiya said that it was a relatively smooth delivery that only took six months before the 3.2 kilogramme baby boy was delivered at 10.11pm.

"It's such a strange feeling!!! I thought I was going to be moved to tears, but both my husband and I were surprisingly calm," said the newly minted mother, who had joined SDN48 in 2010 and later graduated a year later.

She added, "But of course, he's really cute and precious! I'm filled with gratitude that he was born safely!!!"

Ninomiya announced that she was seven month pregnant in February.