Yuen Wah left TVB, joins CTI

Syahida Kamarudin
Yuen Wah left TVB, joins CTI

17 Sep – Respectable actor Yuen Wah has decided to end his 16-year relationship with TV network TVB and joined telecommunication giant Ricky Wong's newly established CTI (City Telecom).

Groove Asia website reported that when asked the reason of his departure, Yuen Wah remarked, "This past few years, I no longer have the sense of belonging nor loyalty to the company."

He added bluntly, "I missed those days when everything was run by Uncle Six (of Run Run Shaw). During his era, I felt the biggest sense of belonging. Not at all like in recent times."

Yuen Wah continued saying, "Mr. Wong was very sincere when he offered me to join CTO. I told him that I will think about it while waiting for the other company (TVB) to call me for a contract renewal. However, the call didn't come and I decided that CTI is the better choice. I'm an actor, and I will go wherever there is a job opportunity!"

Yuen Wah joins the lists of experienced actors that moved to CTI including actors Shin Ho Ying, Yu Mo Lian and John Chiang.