Yoyo: "I was more shocked than happy!"

Syahida Kamarudin
Yoyo: "I was more shocked than happy!"

14 Sep – Since Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng revealed that they are getting married next year, the public have been curious about the details.

According to the media, at the filming set of TVB upcoming drama "A Great Way to Care 2", the actress shared, "I was more shocked than happy. It's enough just for the two of us to remember how the proposal went. I will tell you more details after marriage."

Yoyo Mung also revealed that she and her fiancé have yet to plan their wedding but shared the same idea of a low-key event.

In regards to her family's response, Mung stated, "I did not expect my father to have no response to my wedding announcement. He only asked me if I wanted to drink soup."

She added, "Our families feel that as long as we are happy together, that in itself is enough."

Ekin Cheng proposed to Yoyo Mung before her birthday in August after six years of being in a relationship. The lovebirds plan to hold their wedding in 2013.