‘Youthful Beauty’ Lim Soo Jeong-Kim Sa Rang-Jang Na Ra’s Beauty Care Knowhow for Eternal Youth?

[By Lee Chaebin] Actresses Lim Soo Jeong, Kim Sa Rang, and Jang Na Ra are chosen as youthful beauties representing the entertainment world. Born in 1977, 1978, and 1981 respectively, they still maintain beautiful looks even though they are in their late 30s.

It is not an exaggeration to say that their youthful and beautiful faces have been completed by flawless skin. First, many makeup artists or celebrities have highly praised Lim Soo Jeong’s skin. With white and babylike skin that have no pores, she firmly holds her position as a cosmetic model.

As a former Miss Korea, Kim Sa Rang is one of the few celebrities who have both sensual and innocent charms at the same time. Her resilient skin aroused envy of many women as she was recently questioned: “aren’t you like a stuffed human?”

Lastly, Jang Na Ra has been playing crucial roles in various dramas with her fresh and bright charms since her rookie period as a singer, and until now. In a recent KBS drama called “Remember You,” Jang Na Ra is drawing viewers’ attention by overcoming a 6-year age difference and emitting an unusual chemistry with Seo In Gook.

Skin Care Method of Youthful Beauties

On a TV program in the past, Lim Soo Jeong said that “I apply a mask pack right before makeup for natural, transparent makeup,” and added that “I am quite picky about food; I eat a lot of salad and vegetables for clean skin.

In an interview with SBS ‘Hanbam TV Entertainment’ in the past, Kim Sa Rang explained about her daily skin care method. “I think the most important thing for skin care is cleansing. I use the whirlwind cleaning method, in which I rub my face in circular motions from inside when lathering the face.”

Jang Na Ra maintains her youthful look with regular exercise and correct posture. It is said that she tries to have a bright and positive mind in everything and drinks over 2L of water a day for good skin. Also, she said that she eats many fruits such as apples, kiwis, and strawberries, as well as nuts.

Making Youthful Skin STEP 1. Mask Pack for Supplying Moisture

What is never missing from celebrities’ home skin care method is mask pack. While fun mask pasks are getting popular with the 1-pack-per-day fever, Xilix released a bill-shaped mask pack for the first time. ‘Xilix MONEY DEEP Aqua Moisture MASK’ is not only amusing with a feeling of putting the face on a wad of bills but also enriches skin, as it contains ample nutrients such as peptide complex, seabird’s nest extracts, and ceramide-3.

Making Youthful Skin STEP 2. Taking Care of Eye Wrinkles, ‘Traces of Aging’

After taking off the pack, let the residues be absorbed and apply eyecream. Take only a small amount of eye cream, and pat it around the eyes as if you are rolling it from the temples toward the inside. What you need to be cautious of is that you should pat from inside to the outside so that wastes can be removed. ‘STEMPOWER EYE CREAM’ by SK-II, which has presented a magnetic eyestick for the first time, lets the active ingredients of the cream be absorbed 3 more times than other products, making the eye areas more elastic.(Photo by: Xilix, SK-II, bntnews DB)

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