Go Young-wook denied allegations

Go Young-wook denied allegations

14 May – Singer and former Roo'ra member, Go Young-wook, has came forward to deny the credibility of the recent allegations made against him.

According to Asia One, it was previously reported that Kakao Talk message conversations between the singer and the alleged sexual assault victim in which Go Young-wook invited the girl out were found.

Upon hearing this, Go Young Wook quickly denied ever sending the messages. He stated, "The Kakao messages that were revealed are not true. The girl was the one to first say, 'Let's go somewhere quiet.'"

This claim opposed the reports revealed by the Yongsan Police earlier. According to them, Go Young-wook was the one who told the victim that he will make her a celebrity before sexually assaulting her.

Meanwhile, the star updated his official website stating, "Even though I know better than anyone else what happened, I cannot prove every detail to all of you. I will cooperate with the investigations to the best of my ability, and will explain everything I know about the relationship between the accuser and me."