Yoo Se Yoon To Release The February Edition of ‘Monthly Rent’

[by Sora Ghim] ‘Monthly Rent Yoo Se Yoon’ will release ‘At Your House (literal translation)’ on February 9.

Back in January, Yoo Se Yoon collaborated with indie duo GB9 for ‘I’m Sorry I’m Old.’ This month, he has worked with emotional vocal group Urban Zakapa for his new song ‘At Your House.’ ‘Monthly Rent Yoo Se Yoon’ is a parody of Yoon Jong Shin’s ‘Monthly Yoon Jong Shin’ and is a project album that Yoo Se Yoon personally produces.

Yoo Se Yoon wrote the lyrics and produced this new song about the feeling of nervousness and tremor of first stepping into a lover’s home. Urban Zakapa’s sentimental voices depict this array of emotions.

‘At Your House’ will first be revealed in JTBC show ‘Where Is My Friend’s House’ on February 7 as part of the OST. At the press conference for this show, Yoo Se Yoon stated, “I wrote (‘At Your House’) based on the experience of going to China to film.”

Meanwhile, February’s ‘Monthly Rent Yoo Se Yoon’ will be released on Monday, February 9. (photo by KOEN Group)

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