Yoo Se Yoon Reveals His New Song

[by Sora Ghim] Yoo Se Yoon releases his song for JTBC show ‘Where Is My Friend’s House’ OST.

He wrote and produced the song, ‘At Your House,’ which was used as part of the show’s soundtrack. This song features vocal group Urban Zakapa and is based on Yoo Se Yoon’s experience on the trip to China

In addition, the cast members of ‘Where Is My Friend’s House,’ Alberto, Guillaume, Julian, Tyler, and Zhang Yuan feature in the song, speaking in their own respective native language.

At the press conference for the show, Yoo Se Yoon mentioned, “During the trip, I loved the feeling of riding a bicycle so I wrote the lyrics as soon as I could while in China and made the song when I got back. I gave this song as a present to ‘Where Is My Friend’s House.’ Everyone participated in it.”

This show was created to show the experience of another person’s country and culture. For the pilot, several members of ‘Non-summit’ went to member Zhang Yuan’s home in Anshan, China.

The first episode premiered on February 7 and received a good viewer percentage of 3.3%, foreshadowing the success of this show.

Meanwhile, ‘Where Is My Friend’s House’ airs every Saturday evening. (photo by JTBC)

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