Yi Jun talks about why he quit drinking

Lee Seul
Yi Jun talks about why he quit drinking

Yi Jun talked about why he stopped drinking.

On 26th, Yi Jun, Han Sunhwa, Tae Jinah, Song Daegwan, Kim Junhyun, and Yoo Minsang appeared on KBS 2TV 'Happy Together 3'.

MC Yoo Jaeseok asked Yi Jun how much he drinks, and he said "I used to drink a lot, but I quit it."

He continued, "I once got drunk after shooting a movie, and I put safety cone on my feet and started yelling 'I'm an alien!'"

He also added "I ended up sleeping using the mat that says 'Welcome' as a blanket in front of a restaurant, and the restaurant's automatic door kept opening and closing. MBLAQ members took a video of it, and I decided to quit drinking after watching the video."

Netizens made comments, such as "I want to see the video", "Nice friends", and "Everyone makes a mistake."