YG Confirms G-Dragon, CL, and Snoop Dogg in Psy’s New MV

After not saying anything for a while, YG Entertainment finally confirmed that 2NE1’s CL, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, and Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion) will be appearing in Psy’s new music video.

On March 13, Newsen spoke with a YG Entertainment rep, who said, “CL, G-Dragon, and Snoop Dogg did participate in the music video recording of Psy’s new song.”

“The song production and the music video filming began last year and is currently completely. We’re not confirmed on the time when Psy will make a comeback. Everything related to the comeback are still under discussion.”

Psy previously posted up pictures of G-Dragon and Snoop Dogg in a billiards club and a karaoke room, leaving proof shots of the music video filming. With the news that CL will also be participating in Psy’s music video, fans are already getting more anticipated.

Psy has worked with 4minute’s Hyuna in Gangnam Style and Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain in Gentleman. With CL as his third muse, people are waiting to see what kind of charms CL will bring.

Meanwhile, CL and G-Dragon participated in DJ Skrillex’s new album, along with YG’s main producers, Teddy and Choice37.

Skrillex participated in a music festival in Korea in 2013, leaving a strong impression on Korean fans. Bringing in the dubstep trend in the music world, he has won several Grammy awards in the past two years.

The song that the YG members have participated is track number six, Dirty Vibe, part of Skrillex’s new album, Recess, to be released on March 18. DJ Diplo, who worked on G-Dragon’s Coup d’Etat and GD&TOP’s Knock Out, also participated in the making of Dirty Vibe.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

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